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Camp Crescent Moon


What happens at camp?

The goal of Camp Crescent Moon is to provide a week-long, sleep away camp experience for children with sickle cell disease who are unable to attend traditional camp program. Children with sickle cell disease would typically be excluded from other camps due to the potential serious complications that could arise at elevations above 5,000 feet, the environment, daily camp activities and the lack of a medical staff experienced in the management and care of sickle cell disease.
Camp Crescent Moon allows campers to participate in a creative outdoor group experience and provides growth and development for each camper. The campers have a chance to express themselves through group activity, campfire programs and community living. 
Activities are geared to the ages, abilities and interests of the campers. Campers should be participants in all regular aspects of program planning. The program is designed to aid in the development of camping skills and provide an opportunity for a satisfying experience. 
Campers will have an opportunity to participate in pre-planned activities which include: arts and crafts, games, line dancing, making a music video, singing camp songs, nature walks, computers, learning about sickle cell disease, making new friends, and simply having a lot of fun.
Theme day activities are also a large part of the camp experience. Each day has a special activity to fit within the theme. Campers, counselors, palanca, program, administrative & medical staffs participate in the theme day activities. Safety is adhered to carefully in all activities.

What does the campsite look like?

A dining hall, several clusters of fully enclosed cabins, bathroom facilities with running water, an infirmary, wilderness trails and lots of tall trees make up the campsite. Cabins have restroom & shower facilities, heating and bunk beds & mattresses….campers bring sleeping bags or blankets and pillows.

Each cabin can sleep 8 - 12 children and 1-2 counselors. Boys and girls live in separate areas of camp and interact during activities, meals and evening programs. This is a perfect location for the campers to romp and play and learn about the environment.

To carry out a successful camp week, the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation recruits volunteers which reflect the cultural, linguistic, ethnic and other characteristics of the campers we serve. Each staff member completes an application, participates in an interview and agrees to a background check. Camp Crescent Moon volunteers accepted in the program participate in an extensive training program to provide the best possible camp experience for your child. 
The majority of the camp staff have participated and/or volunteered in other Sickle Cell Disease Foundation programs and activities. We also encourage former campers to apply for the camp program.

Who will be taking care of my child?

Camp Crescent Moon has a dedicated team of medical volunteers at camp who are extremely knowledgeable in the care and treatment of sickle cell disease. The infirmary at Camp Crescent Moon is staffed 24 hours a day. Volunteer physicians and nurses provide medical care to the campers and staff.

Serious complications rarely occur but when they do the medical team is positioned to manage each situation.

Medical Director: Cage Johnson, MD
Nursing Director: Diane Batham, RN, MSN, PNP

What if my child gets sick?

Temescal Gateway Park

15601 Sunset Boulevard

Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

The camp is located at :

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